Download Micromax ADB & USB Drivers for all models [windows]

Micromax is a Indian company. Micromax has a good track record and good reputation in the world mobile market. Most of the Micromax smartphones are based on mediatek processor.

Here in this post, you will find ADB and USB drivers for various models of Micromax smartphone and tablets. Just search your devices model no. from the given list and download the respected driver.


Download links for Micromax ADB & USB Drivers :

Serial No. Model Number Drivers
1 Micromax A200 Download
2 Micromax EG111 Download
3 Micromax A90 Download
4 Micromax P500 Download
5 Micromax A66 Download
6 Micromax P650e Download
7 Micromax A63 Download
8 Micromax A90s Download
9 Micromax P256 Download
10 Micromax A075 Download
11 Micromax A72 Download
12 Micromax P362 Download
13 Micromax A121 Download
14 Micromax A102 Download
15 Micromax P550 Download
16 Micromax A71 Download
17 Micromax A110 Download
18 Micromax A27 Download
19 Micromax A58 Download
20 Micromax A88 Download
21 Micromax P360 Download
22 Micromax A65 Download
23 Micromax A80 Download
24 Micromax A85 Download
25 Micromax A111 Download
26 Micromax P560 Download
27 Micromax A50 Download
28 Micromax A87 Download
29 Micromax P350 Download
30 Micromax MT500 Download
31 Micromax A190 Download
32 Micromax P580 Download
33 Micromax A250 Download
34 Micromax A105 Download
35 Micromax AE90 Download
36 Micromax A240 Download
37 Micromax P300 Download
38 Micromax A110Q Download
39 Micromax A40 Download
40 Micromax A61 Download
41 Micromax A35 Download
42 Micromax A52 Download
43 Micromax A68 Download
44 Micromax A36 Download
45 Micromax A116 Download
46 Micromax A69 Download
47 Micromax A56 Download
48 Micromax A44 Download
49 Micromax A92 Download
50 Micromax A59 Download
51 Micromax A104 Download
52 Micromax A113 Download
53 Micromax P365 Download
54 Micromax A67 Download
55 Micromax P280 Download
56 Micromax A37 Download
57 Micromax A210 Download
58 Micromax A116I Download
59 Micromax A089 Download
60 Micromax A89 Download
61 Micromax A115 Download
62 Micromax A093 Download
63 Micromax A091 Download
64 Micromax A76 Download
65 Micromax A57 Download
66 Micromax A069 Download
67 Micromax A117 Download
68 Micromax A93 Download
69 Micromax A300 Download
70 Micromax A34 Download
71 Micromax A350 Download
72 Micromax A25 Download
73 Micromax A108 Download
74 Micromax P410i Download
75 Micromax P310 Download
76 Micromax A60 Download
77 Micromax A119 Download
78 Micromax EG116 Download
79 Micromax A96 Download
80 Micromax A70 Download
81 Micromax A47 Download
82 Micromax A46 Download
83 Micromax A37B Download
84 Micromax A77 Download
85 Micromax A73 Download
86 Micromax A94 Download
87 Micromax A84 Download
88 Micromax A54 Download
89 Micromax A068 Download
90 Micromax A55 Download
91 Micromax A26 Download
92 Micromax P600 Download
93 Micromax A106 Download
94 Micromax A100 Download
95 Micromax A45 Download
96 Micromax A91 Download
97 Micromax A114 Download
98 Micromax P410 Download
99 Micromax P255 Download
100 Micromax A28 Download
101 Micromax A62 Download
102 Micromax A74 Download
103 Micromax P250 Download
104 Micromax A120 Download
105 Micromax A092 Download
106 Micromax A24 Download
107 Micromax A30 Download
108 Micromax P275 Download
109 Micromax A75 Download
110 Micromax A51 Download
111 Micromax P650 Download

How to Install Micromax ADB & USB Drivers on your windows PC :

1. Download the above provided zip file for your device.

2. Extract that zip file anywhere on your PC.

3. Micromax ADB USB drivers are provided as installable exe, so just install proper exe file with administrator privileges.

4. After installation, connect your Micromax device to your computer and wait for your PC to automatically install and configure ADB USB drivers for your Micromax device.

5. Now restart your computer.

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