Download Plum USB Drivers for all models

Download and install Plum USB Drivers to transfer data between your PC and Plum smartphone or tablet properly.

But, Plum does not provides any PC suite application, but it gives official drivers.

Search your Plum device’s model number in the list below and download driver to install on your PC.


Serial No. Model Number Drivers
1 Plum Might Plus Download
2 Plum Coach Plus II Download
3 Plum Coach Plus Download
4 Plum Velocity II Download
5 Plum Link II Download
6 Plum Debut Download
7 Plum Orbit Download
8 Plum Glow Download
9 Plum Ten 3G Download
10 Plum Axe Download
11 Plum Pilot Plus Download
12 Plum Trigger Plus Download
13 Plum Sync Download
14 Plum Wicked Download
15 Plum Trigger Z104 Download
16 Plum Axe II Download
17 Plum Z710 Download
18 Plum Trigger Download
19 Plum Velocity Download
20 Plum Axe Plus Download
21 Plum Flix Download
22 Plum Capacity Download
23 Plum Trigger Pro Download
24 Plum Volt 3G Download
25 Plum Z708 Download
26 Plum Might Download
27 Plum Gator Plus Download
28 Plum Check Plus Download
29 Plum Link Download
30 Plum Gator Download

Plum don’t provides any PC Suite application which allows you to sync data between your smartphone and your Plum device. Above drivers will help you to easily connect your Plum smartphone and tablets to the Windows PC.Plum USB Drivers comes as a installer file. Simply Install the provided *.exe file then connect your android device to your PC. If your computer didn’t recognize your Smartphone after installing the driver thenuninstall it > restart your PC > again install the driver > again restart your PC > connect your device to the PC. AllPlumMobile USB Drivers are officially provided by Plum. If you got any issues regarding drivers installing or connecting the Plum Smartphone or tablet to your PC, then complain to Plum.

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