Download Xolo USB Drivers [All Models Listed]

Xolo is becoming one of the leading mobile brands. It provides great build qualities and value for money of Xolo devices are also good. But in case of support(mainly USB drivers or firmwares), there services are still not satisfactory. They don’t give any official drivers nor any official PC suite application.

But the drivers for Xolo mobiles can be installed on a windows PC, this USB drivers are based on Xolo device’s chipset.

Xolo USB drivers are listed below, find your device’s model number and download related file from the link given.

xolo usb Drivers

Note : All drivers are officially from xolo.

Serial No. Model Number Drivers
1 Xolo A500L Download
2 Xolo Q2000 Download
3 Xolo Q3000 Download
4 Xolo Play T1000 Download
5 Xolo Q600 Download
6 Xolo Q1000s Plus Download
7 Xolo Q800 Download
8 Xolo A700 Download
9 Xolo A800 Download
10 Xolo Play Tegra Note Download
11 Xolo A500s Download
12 Xolo Q1011 Download
13 Xolo Q610s Download
14 Xolo Q500s IPS Download
15 Xolo A1000 Download
16 Xolo Q900 Download
17 Xolo X1000 Download
18 Xolo X500 Download
19 Xolo Q700 Download
20 Xolo A500s Lite Download
21 Xolo Q510s Download
22 Xolo X910 Download
23 Xolo Play 6X 1000 Download
24 Xolo A500 Download
25 Xolo B700 Download
26 Xolo Q1000 Download
27 Xolo Q1200 Download
28 Xolo Tab Download
29 Xolo Q800 X-Edition Download
30 Xolo Q700S Download
31 Xolo Q2500 Download
32 Xolo Q900T Download
33 Xolo Q1010i Download
34 Xolo Q2000L Download
35 Xolo Q700i Download
36 Xolo Q600s Download
37 Xolo Q700S Plus Download
38 Xolo Q1000 Opus Download
39 Xolo A500s IPS Download
40 Xolo Q1100 Download
41 Xolo LT900 Download
42 Xolo Q1000s Download
43 Xolo Play 8X 1100 Download
44 Xolo Q1000 Opus 2 Download
45 Xolo Tab 7.0 Download
46 Xolo A550S IPS Download
47 Xolo A600 Download
48 Xolo Q1010 Download
49 Xolo A700s Download
50 Xolo Q500 Download
51 Xolo A1000s Download
52 Xolo Q900S Download
53 Xolo Play 8X 1200 Download
54 Xolo X900 Download
55 Xolo A510s Download
56 Xolo Play 8X 1000 Download
57 Xolo A500 Club Download

How to Install Xolo USB Drivers on a windows computer :

1. Download the provided xolo usb driver zip file on your PC.

2. Extract the downloaded xolo driver zip to a folder.

3. There you’ll find a installable exe file, install that file while your xolo device is connected to your PC.

4. On unsuccessful installation, Uninstall xolo device driver from Device manager and restart your PC, then reinstall xolo device driver.

5. After installation, restart your PC.

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